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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning service, near me, by me, md, va, d.c

Carpet Protection

Carpet, Protection, Service, Cleaning, near me, by me, md, va, d.c

Carpet Deodorizing

Carpet deodorizing service, near me, by me, md, va, d.c

Stain or Spot Removal

carpet, stains, spots, removal, service, near me, by me, md, va, d.c

Pet Stain Removal

Carpet, pet stain, removal, feces, vomit, near me, by me, md, va, d.c

Carpet Cleaning Made Simple provides the best Carpet Cleaning Services near you in MD, VA and D.C locations. Our carpet cleaning service uses a variety of carpet cleaning methods to clean your carpets. If your home is going on the market for sale, rental move out or just want the carpets cleaned before a move in, just give us a call. We also provide post-construction carpet cleaning after renovations to a home or commercial location.  It's recommended that our customers have their carpets cleaned every 6 months with pets, or just once a month without pets.  


Your carpet is the biggest filter in your home. Carpet cleaning with just a pre conditioner (cleaning solution) can remove many stains without the use of stain and spot removal products. Certain stains and spots such as; gum, wax, wine, blood, urine, feces, make up, paint ect.. may require stain and spot removal at an additional charge. It's not Guaranteed to remove every type of stain. 


  • Owner - Operated, Local Business

  • Personalized Service

  • Over 8 years Experience

  • Fully Insured

  • Over 200+ 5 Star Reviews! Google, Yelp, Facebook, Nextdoor

Carpet Cleaning Made Simple L.L.C

Carpet Cleaning Benefits

  • Remove soil, allergens, pet dander, bacteria, germs, pollutants, contaminants, urine and feces

  • Provide a healthier indoor environment for crawling babies and individuals who suffer with allergies

  • Every 6 months reoccurring service to prolong the life of your carpet

  • Carpet protection to prolong the life of our carpet

What to expect during your Carpet Cleaning Service

  • Customers are required to remove furniture off the carpet if they would like the entire area to be carpet cleaned

  • Our carpet cleaning specialist will start by inspecting the carpets in each room to determine the condition, stains or spots

  • Carpet will be vacuum to remove dry soil

  • Stains and spots are treated that need extra attention

  • A pre-conditioner is applied to the carpets to loosing up soil, spots and stains

  • A mechanical buffer is used to agitate the pre-conditioner into the carpet

  • A carpet extractor is used to extract out the pre-conditioner and rinse the carpets

  • Carpets are dried

Four types of Carpet Cleaning methods

  • Hot water extraction - Steam Cleaning

  • Shampoo

  • Dry Clean

  • Bonnet Clean

  • Encapsulation Cleaning with low moisture - guaranteed dry times under 1 hour

Why customers shouldn't try to use certain over the counter or household products to remove stains or spots?

Carpet, Stain, Spot, Removal

Nail polish on a staircase

A previous customer wasn't honest about her trying to remove the nail polish on this staircase by herself.  We were only able to remove about 70% of this nail polish because the whatever she used to try to remove the stain prevented my spot removal from doing it's job.

We encounter customers who try to take matters in their own hands when it come to removing spots, stains and pet stains.  They will use over the counter or household products to try to remove stains in their carpet or area rugs.  Here are the following reasons to not use certain over the counter or household products to remove spots, stains and pet stains:

  • These products can prevent our professional spot or stain removals from doing its job of removing the spot or stains

  • Cause color loss in carpets or area rugs by removing the original color

  • Damage carpet and area rug fiber

  • Leave a lot of residue in the carpet or area rug

Additional Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Carpet Protection - Repels spills, resist soiling, and block stains by forcing stains up to the surface where they bead up for easy clean up.

  • Carpet Deodorizer - Neutralize bad odors in carpet fibers, so they can smell fresh again.

  • Stain Removal - Removal of gum, wax, paint, nail polish, ink, blood, soda, wine, coffee, ect.  It's not guaranteed to remove every stain.  If customers request stain removal we will test the stain to see if it can be removed.  Customers who take the risk of trying to remove a stain themselves, can prevent our stain removal products from working to remove the stain.

  • Pet Enzyme Treatment - Pet enzyme treatment for the removal of pet urine, feces and vomit. Our normal carpet cleaning process with a pre-conditioner doesn't treat pet stains for removal. Customers have to ask or select pet enzyme treatment. Note * Some pet stains can be permanent due to a pet's diet, age, medication, and how long the stain has been in the carpet.​​​

  • Green Cleaning - Customers can choose green cleaning, which is a natural non-toxic cleaning solution.

Pet Urine, Vomit or Feces Removal

Carpet pet stain removal

Some pets love to urinate in the same area.  In this case we have to use our water claw to extract out the urine deep down to the carpet padding.  If pet damage is very severe and been left in the carpet for a long period of time, the carpet and padding may need to be replaced.

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